Welcome, we are a small farm located in Kansas that raises registered Shetland Sheep. We are breeding for soft, buttery fleeces and great conformation. There are a nice variety of colors represented in our flock, ranging from black, grey, browns and even some spots.
Our farm also consists of some beef cattle, chickens, a couple of dogs and some cats. I will post about the happenings on our farm and when we have some little lambs for sale and in the future, fleece for spinning. So check back often to find the latest news from Prairieview. God Bless!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


     Well it is time to find the lambs from this spring new homes.  We only had two ewe lambs this year and we have decided to keep them for replacements.  So, we have one very nice ram lamb, Joseph, and two wethers, Joshua and Blackie, that need good homes. The ram lamb's, Joseph, horns are coming in nicely. Below you will find pics.  If anyone is interested in adding any of these fellows to their flock let me know.

This is Joseph born 4/2/11

This is Joshua born on 3/30/11 (wethered)

This is Blackie (he was black when he was born) twin brother to Joshua
born 3/30/11 (wethered)

After breeding season this year we will be selling our herd sire, Fiasco.  He is extremely gentle and would make a nice addition to your farm.  The only reason we are selling is because we kept two of his daughters so we will have to find a new ram for next year.  I will post a picture of him below.

Fiasco, a moorit, yuglet. Born 4/23/08

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ponderings While in a Blizzard

I am sitting here by the fire looking out at a flurry of snow swirling around our farm here in Kansas.  This is the biggest storm we have had since living here.  I am a little worried about our livestock, especially our newest addition, Clementine, our new guard donkey.  She was a little skinny when we got her a week ago and these cold temperatures and snow are going to be hard on her.  The sheep are covered in their lovely wool, so they should be okay.  ( (I hope!).
I have been losing chickens left and right to some critter around here.  I believe it is now another owl.  Whatever it was opened the closed doggy door to our chicken house and got another one last night.  It is driving me crazy!  I am now down to 4 hens and 1 rooster out of the 13 we had when we first moved to our new farm 2 months ago.  Needless to say, the hens are a little stressed and haven't been laying since they came to their new home.  My husband and I have another project for spring, adding chicken wire to the top of our outside pen so nothing can swoop in.
Every year I get more and more interested in the idea of homesteading and being more self sufficient.  We all ready have cows, sheep, chickens, a fresh milk supply from our old cow Jillian whom I sold to a good friend but still get the milk, and a large garden spot.  I began canning a couple of years ago and have added more to my canning list each year.  I just love living off the land.  My favorite show is Little House On The Prairie.  That way of life just intrigues and inspires me.
Well enough of my rambling.  Hope all is well with all who read this.  Stay warm!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Got Moved!

Good morning all!  It has been a long time since I have posted anything.  We sold our farm last September and have been getting our new farm ready to move to.  We finally got moved to our new place the first weekend in December!  Everyone loves it here.  It is such a beautiful piece of property.  I am so blessed that God has allowed us to live here.
The family and I got the sheep moved to their new pasture this week and they are so happy.  They have alot more room than they had at our old place.  They are just running around having a great time.  If I can figure out the best way to market the lambs and the wool I will add some more sheep to our flock.  If anyone has suggestions feel free to leave a comment on what you do.  I am getting really excited to see the little lambs I have this spring.  It is always a surprise to see what the new little lives will look like when they come into this world.
I hope all is well and I will hopefully be better about updating my post now that we are settled.  May everyone with sheep have a safe and happy lambing season :).

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Lambs

Two little lambs are still in need of a home.  I have dropped the price of my ram lamb, Simon, to $50,  his horns are coming in to close, would make a great wether and has a beautiful fleece.
Also, I still have a purebred Shetland ewe for $150.
If anyone would like to share how they successfully market and sell their stock I am open to suggestions.  This is my first year with lambs and sheep for that matter.  Does anyone sell at their local livestock market and if so how do you do?
Hope everyone is having a blessed day.  Everything is crazy busy around here!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spring 2010 Lambs For Sale

Good Day Everyone!!  This is my official first post to my new blog for Prairieview Farm.  What fun!!  It is that time of year for selling spring lambs and this is our first crop.  What an exciting time it has been experiencing this for the first time.  Our family has enjoyed seeing the new little ones running around the pasture leaping and playing, but now it is time to find them new homes.

We have 3 lambs for sale, a wether and a ewe, which are brother and sister.  They are purebred, but can not be registered, so I will be asking $50 for Joseph and $150 for May.  I was buying their mother from another farm and left her there to be bred, another ram decided to enter the mix so we have no clue which Shetland ram bred her.  At this time they are black with white markings on their face.  They look just like their half sister did at her age and she is now grey.

Also I have beautiful ram lamb that can be registered.  He is a moorit, smirslet sokket and has an amazingly soft fleece.  Everyone that comes to the farm just loves him.  His horns look like they are coming in great at this time.  A friend of mine that spins tells me his fleece is really nice.  I am asking $100 for Simon.
From left to right, Simon, Joseph and May on the end.
This is Simon up close
If anyone is interested just let me know.  Have a Blessed Day!!