Welcome, we are a small farm located in Kansas that raises registered Shetland Sheep. We are breeding for soft, buttery fleeces and great conformation. There are a nice variety of colors represented in our flock, ranging from black, grey, browns and even some spots.
Our farm also consists of some beef cattle, chickens, a couple of dogs and some cats. I will post about the happenings on our farm and when we have some little lambs for sale and in the future, fleece for spinning. So check back often to find the latest news from Prairieview. God Bless!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spring 2010 Lambs For Sale

Good Day Everyone!!  This is my official first post to my new blog for Prairieview Farm.  What fun!!  It is that time of year for selling spring lambs and this is our first crop.  What an exciting time it has been experiencing this for the first time.  Our family has enjoyed seeing the new little ones running around the pasture leaping and playing, but now it is time to find them new homes.

We have 3 lambs for sale, a wether and a ewe, which are brother and sister.  They are purebred, but can not be registered, so I will be asking $50 for Joseph and $150 for May.  I was buying their mother from another farm and left her there to be bred, another ram decided to enter the mix so we have no clue which Shetland ram bred her.  At this time they are black with white markings on their face.  They look just like their half sister did at her age and she is now grey.

Also I have beautiful ram lamb that can be registered.  He is a moorit, smirslet sokket and has an amazingly soft fleece.  Everyone that comes to the farm just loves him.  His horns look like they are coming in great at this time.  A friend of mine that spins tells me his fleece is really nice.  I am asking $100 for Simon.
From left to right, Simon, Joseph and May on the end.
This is Simon up close
If anyone is interested just let me know.  Have a Blessed Day!!


  1. Hi Leslie! I like the look of your blog! Look forward to future posts. Simon looks like a really nice ram!

  2. Great blog! Where in Kansas are you? I am in La Cygne which is south of Kansas City.

  3. I'm just getting started with Shetlands, too. Right now I just have a spinning herd, not a breeding herd, but I'd sure like to move towards a small breeding flock. Your sheep are beautiful!

  4. Thank you for all the nice compliments! I will post pics of my breeding ewes and ram when I can get some good pictures of them. I want to wait till they have their full coats on. They look so pretty!! Marie, I am located just outside of Fort Scott, KS, so you are not far from me at all.


  5. Wow!! That is great! Another sheepy person close by. We go to Fort Scott atleast once a month. There are couple other sheepy people close by also.

  6. Nice looking sheep I just love Shetlands they have a great personality Do you spin?

  7. mary, I am just learning how to spin. I have been knitting for close to a couple of years.

  8. Congrats on your new blog, you did such a nice job with it, I love the flowers up top ! I hope you keep having tons of fun with your family and sheep : )
    - Jean in Mt