Welcome, we are a small farm located in Kansas that raises registered Shetland Sheep. We are breeding for soft, buttery fleeces and great conformation. There are a nice variety of colors represented in our flock, ranging from black, grey, browns and even some spots.
Our farm also consists of some beef cattle, chickens, a couple of dogs and some cats. I will post about the happenings on our farm and when we have some little lambs for sale and in the future, fleece for spinning. So check back often to find the latest news from Prairieview. God Bless!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Got Moved!

Good morning all!  It has been a long time since I have posted anything.  We sold our farm last September and have been getting our new farm ready to move to.  We finally got moved to our new place the first weekend in December!  Everyone loves it here.  It is such a beautiful piece of property.  I am so blessed that God has allowed us to live here.
The family and I got the sheep moved to their new pasture this week and they are so happy.  They have alot more room than they had at our old place.  They are just running around having a great time.  If I can figure out the best way to market the lambs and the wool I will add some more sheep to our flock.  If anyone has suggestions feel free to leave a comment on what you do.  I am getting really excited to see the little lambs I have this spring.  It is always a surprise to see what the new little lives will look like when they come into this world.
I hope all is well and I will hopefully be better about updating my post now that we are settled.  May everyone with sheep have a safe and happy lambing season :).