Welcome, we are a small farm located in Kansas that raises registered Shetland Sheep. We are breeding for soft, buttery fleeces and great conformation. There are a nice variety of colors represented in our flock, ranging from black, grey, browns and even some spots.
Our farm also consists of some beef cattle, chickens, a couple of dogs and some cats. I will post about the happenings on our farm and when we have some little lambs for sale and in the future, fleece for spinning. So check back often to find the latest news from Prairieview. God Bless!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ponderings While in a Blizzard

I am sitting here by the fire looking out at a flurry of snow swirling around our farm here in Kansas.  This is the biggest storm we have had since living here.  I am a little worried about our livestock, especially our newest addition, Clementine, our new guard donkey.  She was a little skinny when we got her a week ago and these cold temperatures and snow are going to be hard on her.  The sheep are covered in their lovely wool, so they should be okay.  ( (I hope!).
I have been losing chickens left and right to some critter around here.  I believe it is now another owl.  Whatever it was opened the closed doggy door to our chicken house and got another one last night.  It is driving me crazy!  I am now down to 4 hens and 1 rooster out of the 13 we had when we first moved to our new farm 2 months ago.  Needless to say, the hens are a little stressed and haven't been laying since they came to their new home.  My husband and I have another project for spring, adding chicken wire to the top of our outside pen so nothing can swoop in.
Every year I get more and more interested in the idea of homesteading and being more self sufficient.  We all ready have cows, sheep, chickens, a fresh milk supply from our old cow Jillian whom I sold to a good friend but still get the milk, and a large garden spot.  I began canning a couple of years ago and have added more to my canning list each year.  I just love living off the land.  My favorite show is Little House On The Prairie.  That way of life just intrigues and inspires me.
Well enough of my rambling.  Hope all is well with all who read this.  Stay warm!!