Welcome, we are a small farm located in Kansas that raises registered Shetland Sheep. We are breeding for soft, buttery fleeces and great conformation. There are a nice variety of colors represented in our flock, ranging from black, grey, browns and even some spots.
Our farm also consists of some beef cattle, chickens, a couple of dogs and some cats. I will post about the happenings on our farm and when we have some little lambs for sale and in the future, fleece for spinning. So check back often to find the latest news from Prairieview. God Bless!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


     Well it is time to find the lambs from this spring new homes.  We only had two ewe lambs this year and we have decided to keep them for replacements.  So, we have one very nice ram lamb, Joseph, and two wethers, Joshua and Blackie, that need good homes. The ram lamb's, Joseph, horns are coming in nicely. Below you will find pics.  If anyone is interested in adding any of these fellows to their flock let me know.

This is Joseph born 4/2/11

This is Joshua born on 3/30/11 (wethered)

This is Blackie (he was black when he was born) twin brother to Joshua
born 3/30/11 (wethered)

After breeding season this year we will be selling our herd sire, Fiasco.  He is extremely gentle and would make a nice addition to your farm.  The only reason we are selling is because we kept two of his daughters so we will have to find a new ram for next year.  I will post a picture of him below.

Fiasco, a moorit, yuglet. Born 4/23/08


  1. Hi Leslie, very nice rams! Where are you located. I don't really NEED a new shetland ram, I am trying to focus more on my Icelandics and Colored Angoras right now, but these are both nice rams. Do you have any closer shots of Fiasco? Would like to see his horns a little better. How is his fiber? and how is Joseph's fleece. Is Jacob available?

  2. You can contact me at mgcaretakers@yahoo.com